Artificial Intelligence Enabled Financial Predictions, Momentum Tracking and Media Scanning

Keeping up with all the volatility of the markets can be a daunting task in itself, but with the new landscape of social media activity happening 24/7/365, this has never been more challenging. Our FinTech.AI research project is like having an army of researchers working for you 24/7 on the segments and stocks that are most important to you.

Price Targets and Predictions

We utilize Deep Learning to gain insight into market patterns, trends and momentums of stocks and segments. Protect your portfolio from major volatility before it happens.

Natural Language Processing

Leveraging NLP to track trends, activity levels and sentiments of News, Press Releases, and Social Media chatter.

Daily Momentum Tracking

Everyday somewhere on the stock market has daily momentum across many segments, find them before everyone else.

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